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Graphic Recording

Live graphic recording is the perfect way to engage your audience.  It captures the flavour of your event in an image, showing the key ideas and concepts which have been discussed. 

Virtual or Remote

Streamed from an iPad (digital) or via a multi-camera set-up (on paper), the work is available to view in an online meeting-participant-window or via youtube.  Attendees can watch the work being created live.  Finished visuals will be with you the same day ready for you to use.  Digital images can be used to create time-lapse animations, perfect to drive online engagement.

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Drawn live on a large sheet of paper or projected from an iPad, the work is crafted live in front of your audience. The finished piece is your content to display, for online use or to create copies for everyone.

NOTE:   In-person or Virtual can be offered as a hybrid option, where we arrive at your venue with a full mobile streaming setup, enabling both in-person and virtual attendees to watch and interact with the live graphic recording of your event.

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