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Animation / Timelapse

We work closely with many clients from all sectors, to script, design, storyboard and create animations.  Your animation can be presentation ready, and can be optimised for email distribution within your organisation.  Your animation will always be unique to you, and will effectively communicate your message or story on your website, or even drive public engagment on your social channels.

Our creative team includes voice-over artists, musicians, caption transcribers, audio describers and BSL registered sign language professionals.



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James Paget 40th Anniversary
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Carbon Buster
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Bury St. Edmunds Guildhall
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Timelapse animations are awesome at making the static graphic recording of your event more memorable and engaging.  They are a proven method to encourage your target audience to watch and retain the information captured during your event.  With an embedded soundtrack, written context and logos/bookends to brand the final work.  These timelapses can be further enhanced with zooming, panning and tilting to increase their watchability !

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