New Ways of Working


Since March 2020 live events have been unable to happen due to Covid-19.  In response to this Rebecca has enhanced her way of working to enable the creation of live content remotely.

Direct from her studio, a live visual transcription of your event can now be streamed to your audience through your online event platform or social media.

Live visual transcription helps make your online event accessible, increases engagement and creates an interactive experience for your guests.

Working either on paper or digitally, Rebecca continues to provide the same quality service within current restrictions.

Linking with a team of professional film and content producers, Rebecca can now offer more options for your event including live and pre-recorded content, musical score, voice-over and animation.

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"Thanks so much for the illustrations. I think they are fantastic. I love the way they look and also how they can work together or in their own right. Brilliant I can already see so many applications for them.


We really love them! Everyone feels they really capture the essence of our work and will be a wonderful asset to our project."

David Cain, New Heritage Solutions - Harwich Project 2018


I was recently described as an unstoppable creative which really pleased me a lot. 


Whether I am drawing, designing, graphically recording, demonstrating or teaching, my day is stuffed full of creativity.  I use creative methods to engage, to communicate and to deliver.  I am passionate about what I do and I love sharing that passion. 


I enjoy a rich diversity of roles, each different but each linked through art and communication.

I love to use my skills to produce content for others and I'm always seeking out new challenges!

Please get in touch for more information on how we can work together.


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United Kingdom


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