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Online Twitter discussions are brilliant things to illustrate - the final image is a woven tapestry of all the conversation threads! These three were created on paper, as I hopped around the online comments using the hashtag to follow what was being said.

As no-one can see the comments at the same time, having an illustrated overview gives viewers of the discussion a useful, engaging space to revisit the event.

The addition of the contributor's twitter handles adds a techy element to these hand drawn images. It means the contributors know their voices have been heard.

More recently I have drawn these digitally, enabling the drawing process to be streamed for engagement, shared instantly for accessibility and transformed into a time-lapse animation allowing the discussion to be replayed!

  • Rebecca Osborne

Your Cupboard (could also be backpack, shed, treasure chest etc.) My resource could be either a single page (placemat style) or a booklet. Built on the idea of working with someone to identify their sources of comfort, strength, and resilience. It is a visualisation tool. Looking something like this –

Imagine you have a cupboard where you can keep all the things that help you when you feel low. What would you put there? It is an imaginary cupboard and as such it can hold not only things, but places, experiences, even people (think Mary Poppins’ bag!). But it can not contain the things that are unhelpful (alcohol, drugs, negative feelings, negative people). Your cupboard is a place you can go to, to get what you need, that might be something sensory - soft blankets, a warm bath, your favourite music, a cup of tea, or go there to reach out to those people who make you feel safe and grounded (contact details), it is a storage facility for memories of good times / places you have been, and somewhere (pinned to the inside of the cupboard doors) to find phone numbers of helplines – Samaritans, Childline, advice lines etc.

The resource printed on A3 opens as cupboard doors with an illustrated front and simple illustrations of containers – jars, boxes etc. for the person to draw / write on. Space on the “inside” of the doors already have some helpline numbers on, with space for others. On reverse of page there are simple instructions and logos of project partners. As a b&w document it can be cheaply reproduced and colour can be added by user. In this instance a high quality version could be availiable to download. The resource as a booklet has the cupboard (backpack, shed or whatever) on front cover, instructions inside front page, double page spreads with title space to help organise the “shelves”, separate space (back page?) for helplines. This booklet could be branded for the setting using the colours and logo of the organisation(s) involved.

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  • Rebecca Osborne

Fab memories from drawing live at The Open at North Berwick Golf Club. This was my interpretation from Davide Sola's presentation to Standard Life - Aberdeen.

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